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NPC Tennessee State

July 28, 2018

*National Qualifier*

Open to Tennessee Residents ONLY


Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Langford Auditorium

​2209 Garland Ave.

Nashville, TN  37232

Host Hotel:
Millennium Maxwell House
​2025 Rosa L Parks Blvd
Nashville, TN  37228

Special Rate: $175 a night​

Click here to Reserve your Room

Or you can reserve your room on

www.maxwellhousehotel.com enter the group code:  1807TNSBBC
Phone: (800) 457-4460


Allen Sizemore (865)384-9800


Notice for: Video, Camera, Audio, and No Live Streaming

  • No video equipment will be allowed in the auditorium.NO DETACHABLE LENSE CAMERAS are allowed.
  • No soliciting of photo or video services is allowed on the premises.
  • No camera bags, tripods and other equipment is allowed in the auditorium.
  • The National Physique Committee prohibits the use of camera/video photography, video recording, audio recording, and live streaming at any of its sanctioned or promotional events. Express permission must be granted and approved by the National Office.

2017 Show Photos: NPC News Online Show Photos

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Pursue Outfitters

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2018 Show Photos: NPC News Online Show Photos

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